Telco Sensors SMM 01 4033H S50P 5

SMM 01 4033H S50P 5

Short description:
Doppler radar sensor for detection of persons and objects in front of doors, elevators and escalators. Using the newest technology, equipped with direction detection and slow/fast moving filters.
Article nr.: 0480114010
Brand: Telco Sensors
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The SpaceMotion series is a compact Doppler radar sensor that detects motion in the detection area using the latest in microwave technology and a powerful microprocessor. The compact design allows it to be installed in space limited locations, where traditional motion sensors cannot be installed. The microwave technology allows the sensor to be mounted behind plastic constructions for out-of-sight installations.
The Doppler radar sensor detects objects that are in motion towards or away from the sensor. People passing the sensor perpendicular (i.e. with no intention of entering an escalator) will have no or very low speed relative to the sensor – such motion can remain undetected. The detection field is divided into two parts; ‘low-speed zone’ and ‘highspeed zone’.
The part of the field closest to the sensor is the low-speed zone where low speed motion is detected. This is intended to detect people in a multi-storey building that are moving from one escalator to the next making a semi-circular movement/turn i.e. perpendicular to the sensor and with a relatively low speed. The extension of the low speed zone relative to the high speed zone can be adjusted from 0 – 100% of the total range. Total range is also adjustable. The sensor also includes a background suppression feature which allows the sensor to ignore all constant movements of minor objects (either directly or indirectly detected through reflections) e.g. handrails.


Function: Doppler radar sensor
Maximal range: 3 m.
Power supply: 10 - 30 Vdc
Output: Solid-state relais (NC)
Housing dimension (w x h x d): 50 x 50 x 30 mm
Off delay: 0 - 10 sec, potentiometer adjustable
Connection: 4 meter fixed cable
Segmentation: 1