Distance sensors

The ultrasonic sensor for object detection, distance- and & level measurements sends out a short, high-frequency sound pulse. This sound pulse bounces against an object and is reflected in order to reach the ultrasound sensor again as an echo. Based on the time interval between transmitting the sound pulse and receiving the echo signal, the ultrasonic sensor internally calculates the distance to the object.

For sensors with switching output, the output is activated when detecting the object. For analogue output sensors, the distance is transmitted via a 0-10 Vdc or a 4-20 mA output. Because the distance to the object is determined by a measurement of time and not by a measurement of intensity, as with optical sensors, the ultrasound sensor offers excellent background suppression. Almost all materials reflecting sound are detected regardless of their color or degree of transparency. The ultrasonic sensors of microsonic can detect objects within a range of 30mm to 8m. Thanks to the time measurement, the value is measured up to the millimeter accurately. Some sensors even have a resolution of less than 0.025 mm. The sensors measure in dusty air and fog. Thin deposits on the sensor membrane do not affect the operation of the sensor.

Ultrasonic sensors for object detection can be used in very diverse applications. Examples of applications include; detection of various products on conveyor belts, full and/or empty detection of tanks or containers, remote monitoring of auto-controlled vehicles. Examples of applications of analogue output ultrasonic sensors are; level measurements in tanks and silos for both liquids and bulk goods, monitoring the diameter of rolls of paper, foil or steel. Crop height measurement in the agricultural industry is also realized with our ultrasonic sensors.

Advantages of our ultrasonic sensors
• Detection independent of color and optical reflection of the object
• Detect clear materials such as foils and liquids
• Suitable for counting- and detection applications and distance- and level measurements
• High resistance to pollution
• Precise measurement, even in dusty or foggy environments
• Water resistant housing (IP67)
• Versions with ATEX II certificate
• Versions in chemical resistant housing
• Switching frequencies up to 250 Hz

Volume control with ultrasonic sensor